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OSI Certified Open Source Software

Wyona Yanel

The current Wyona Content Management System Yanel is available under the Apache License Version 2.0.

Apache Lenya

The former Wyona CMS has been donated to the Apache Software Foundation and is since September 2004 a top level Apache project.

Universities using Apache Lenya


The source code of mod_lenya has been donated to the ASF and is now available from http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/lenya/sandbox/mod_lenya/

University of Zurich Lenya Publication

Check-out as anonymous (Password: anonymous):

svn co --username anonymous http://svn.wyona.org/repos/public/lenya/unicms/trunk unicms

Check-out as Committer:

svn co --username USERNAME https://svn.wyona.org/repos/public/lenya/unicms/trunk unicms

More info can be found at

OSCOM Matrix Apache Lenya publication

svn co --username anonymous http://svn.wyona.org/repos/public/lenya/oscom/trunk oscom
(Password: anonymous)

Wiki publication based on Apache Lenya

svn co --username anonymous http://svn.wyona.org/repos/public/lenya/wiki wiki
(Password: anonymous)


Seamless Content Management with Inspezilla
svn co --username anonymous http://svn.wyona.org/repos/public/inspezilla/ inspezilla
(Password: anonymous)

JavaScript for Atom Introspection


Neutron (OSR-101) - Content Management User Interface API

Specification, etc.

JCR/Jackrabbit FilesystemUtils

README.txt (U: anonymous, P: anonymous)
svn co http://svn.wyona.org/repos/public/jackrabbit jackrabbit